What is ReimaGO?

The ReimaGO adds a new dimension of joy to kids’ activity, and lets parents see how much kids are moving. It is simple, yet motivating, fun and easy to use – and developed especially for kids!

Keep the ReimaGO sensor always with your kid, since it measures activity everywhere: at childcare, at school, in free time – all day long. The small, lightweight sensor is all that is needed.

The sensor turns on when your kid starts moving. It stores the intensity and duration of movement and steps. Developed together with Suunto, the sensor is very sturdy and waterproof, and it has a long battery life.

The ReimaGO app helps you motivate your kid to be active. Your device will read the movement data the sensor has stored. The app will turn that data into energy that lets your kid advance in the app’s game worlds and collect fun rewards.

You can download the ReimaGO app free in App Store or Google Play. It works on iPhone or iPad (iOS 9 or newer) and Android (Android 6.0. or newer). Your device needs Bluetooth Smart to read the sensor. The app is available in English, Finnish, Russian and Chinese.

Comfortable clothing is part of the ReimaGO experience! Although kids can carry the sensor in any pocket, a special pocket will keep it securely in place. Several Reima tops and one-pieces have a ReimaGO pocket with snaps for attaching the sensor, and there is a slim mini pocket inside the waistband of many Reima pants.

You can also attach the sensor to an armband, where it is easy to carry to measure movement in any activity, even when swimming.

Kids are thrilled to see their movement turn into energy for the game character and powering it through playful worlds. The more kids move, the faster they progress in the game and the more rewards they get. In the app, one world is one level. Each level has seven stages, the daily targets. Once all seven stages are completed, there is a prize for that level.

In the ReimaGO app, kids can also choose to see how much they move. When kids learn the importance of activity, they are more likely to be active also when they grow up!

With ReimaGO, you can support your kid’s activity in a fun and gentle way. You can set the daily activity target together, and later check how much movement the sensor has collected. You can always set new surprise rewards to encourage your kid.

You can combine several kids’ sensors in the app and set each of them their own daily targets. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a minimum of one hour of brisk activity every day for children and young people.

ReimaGO can motivate the entire family and bring inspiration even to the moments of “I’m bored, what should I do?” by changing them to an excited “Let’s GO”!

And hey, you don’t always need a detailed plan on what to do - you can just step outside and see where adventure takes you. When you move together as a family, children learn that being active is fun, and it makes you feel good too!

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