Do I need transfer the activity data from the sensor to app?

Yes. To see the activity in the app, transfer the data from the sensor to the app by syncing the sensor. The app doesn't do it automatically.

This is how to sync the sensor:

1.Click the kids profile on the home page and then the profile picture on the globe to get to the scoreboard to transfer the data from the sensor. 
2. To make this happen, tap the yellow arrow button and follow the instructions on the screen. Sometimes the app starts to find the sensor automatically.
3. Now the activity data is turned into points at the bottom of the screen. The clock refers to time and the rocket to the intensity of the movement. 
4. To progress in the trail on the scoreboard, click the red lightning button and the app transfers the points to Goey character’s movement on the trail. Along the way, Goey finds surprises from every checkpoint and reward from each completed level.


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