Playing ReimaGO

How long will it take to get through one level?

One level is one virtual world, and playing it takes approximately one week, depending how well you achieve your daily target– the distance between two checkpoints on the path equals one day’s activity target. In order to reach the next checkpoint, you need to achieve your daily target.

If you change your kid’s daily target, the change will be reflected in the game immediately and will affect your kid’s progress when the sensor is next synced.

How to change daily activity target?

To change the daily activity target to higher or lower go to the kids profile in the parents' side > edit profile > edit activity target

Why can two kids doing exactly the same activity get different points?

The amount of points achieved is tied to the daily target. One kid has a daily target of 30 min, another has 2 hours. Each kid therefore has their own schedule for progress, which shouldn’t be compared to that of another kid.

Can my kid fool the sensor?

The sensor measures the intensity of movement, but cannot distinguish explicitly whether the kid is running, walking or jumping. Therefore, it can be fooled by placing it on a wheel or on top of a moving device.

When does the game end?

Based on activity, kids proceed with the game and get fun rewards. By reaching levels, they progress on the globe as well. The game never ends, but offers intermediate goals for the player.

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