ReimaGO + Google Fit ja Apple Health

We want to encourage the whole family being active together with a new feature in ReimaGO app! To get parents and older juniors part of the ReimaGO experience, ReimaGO app can now utilize activity data from Google Fit and Apple Health.

This means that you can get steps from your mobile directly to your ReimaGO profile!
  1. Download ReimaGO app to the mobile device you use your Google Fit or Apple Health.
  2. Create a ReimaGO account for your family / log in.
  3. Create a user. Instead of connecting a sensor, choose the device.
  4. If you want to connect other phones as well, download ReimaGO app to the device, log in to your family’s common account and connect your device to the correct user.
  5. To update the activity from Google Fit or Apple Health to ReimaGO swipe your user to the right on the home screen.
  6. You can follow up your activity in the ReimaGO app and have your steps in your family’s total activity.
  7. Be active as a family:
    1. Who’s the “iron man” of the week?
    2. Create your own challenge in the app

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