ReimaGO app features

Updating the activity to the app and seeing the results

To see results in the app, transfer the activity with Bluetooth by swiping the the profile image to the right on the home screen. You can also update activity in the game board. The app shows the duration and intensity of kid's activity, along with the estimated steps and distance covered. 
Advancing in the virtual world
When the tracker is synced with the app, kid's activity powers up to Goey characters energy. The more the kid move the more they advance in the virtual world and Goey gets to adventure forward to unlock new levels. 
You get rewards from passing through every world. Parents can set goals and rewards throughout the journey as well. You can find all achieved rewards in the trophy room. 
Take part in activity challenges
Take part in activity challenges in the challenge section. Be active as a family and start the adventure. There are three different challenges: 
Goey on a journey -challenge

Global Challenges

Your own challenge
Be active as a whole family! Connect Google Fit or Apple Health to ReimaGO.
As a parent you can easily be part of the ReimaGO experience by creating a profile for yourself and connecting your phone's Google Fit or Apple Health to it. This way you get the steps calculated by your phone to ReimaGO and your family's collective results. 
Activity ideas and inspiration
Find inspiration in the News feed section on how be active as a family; tips for outdoor games and more fun content. Make the app and Goey character inspire you to create new games, activities with the whole family!
Where do you wear the activity tracker? In a pocket or in a wrist band? 
Depending whether your kid has the tracker in a pocket near the torso or in a wrist band on the wrist, the activity results are different. Movement varies a lot depending on the placement of the tracker. You can choose the placement in the trophy room so the activity will be shown accurate.

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