The sensor is not paired / synchronized

  • Please be sure to follow the instructions on the screen during synchronization or merging
  • Bluetooth must be turned on and allowed to connect
  • Checking location information: You can make sure that location information is on on your device and that location information is enabled for ReimaGO here. Bluetooth requires location information to be allowed, even though ReimaGO does not take advantage of this feature.
  • Make sure that the sensor is not connected to another profile and / or device. The sensor can only be connected to one profile AND device at a time.
  • If the sensor has been connected to another child or device, the sensor must be reset before the next use. Before doing so, however: First remove the sensor from the previous profile (Settings> select profile> Edit> Disconnect sensor). After that, reset the sensor itself; open the battery case with a coin and turn the battery upside down in its case (plus side down) and press it against the bottom for about 10 seconds. (If the first pairing attempt is not successful, and 10 seconds of resetting is not enough, then the sensor has gone into so-called hibernation mode. Then the battery can be left in its case for at least 5 minutes. Then turn the battery in the right way around and close the cover. After the steps described above, the sensor is ready for use again.

If these instructions didn't help:

You can report a bug in ReimaGO to us using Instabug reporting.

Instabug is included with ReimaGO, which collects application history information as needed to tell us more accurately what the customer has been trying to do and what has actually happened. In practice, we are talking about an application log file. At its best, this speeds up the resolution of the problem, and there is no need to separately ask the customer to send log information.

Instabug reporting should be straightforward so that the necessary information is passed to Reima. In other words, if there is a problem with sensor synchronization, for example, go directly to the "Settings" menu after a failed attempt with one tap and select: "Report a problem".

With this same action, the Instabug report will also be transferred to our job request system. Below is an illustration of how to use Instabug.

"Ilmoita ongelmasta" = "Report a problem"
Press the paper airplane at the top right of the screen to send the report.

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