Is Reima Baby Box similar to Kela Box?

Distribution of the original Finnish baby box by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (in Finnish "Kela") started in 1949, and it has been claimed to have had a huge positive effect on the welfare of babies in Finland. The official Kela box includes clothes and everyday items like diapers and a small mattress to make sure that every parent can take care of the basic needs of their baby. Today, Reima wants to offer families outside of Finland a version of this box.

The difference between the KELA baby box and Reima Baby Box is that our version only includes clothing. Reima Baby Box is a wonderful way to start your journey into parenthood - and the perfect baby shower gift! In the Reima Baby Box, we deliver unisex clothes planned for the baby's first six months. All products are made from 100% organic or more sustainable materials. Nordic design together with high quality materials and magical Moomin prints ensure comfort and safety for the baby's first months.
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