How much room for growth in the garment should there be?

Reima® outfits are dimensioned according to the size of the child (size 104 = 104 cm) plus room for growth for one season. This means, for instance, that an outfit bought in the autumn should fit comfortably through the winter. An overall is just right if, when the child crouches, there is still some slack in the back. The sleeves are of adequate length when the wrists are not exposed when the child lifts his hands up.

The child’s build is a crucial factor in choosing a size with enough room for growth. If you buy one size larger than the child’s current height, do pay attention to the adjustability of the outfit. To avoid wear in the trouser legs, use the leg end adjustment to keep them ankle height, while adjusting the waist to fit just right.

Garments that are too big make it difficult for children to move and can feel uncomfortable. Rolled-up pant legs can get caught under the heel and wear away. It is a good idea not to buy too much room for growth. Reima products can usually be reused by several kids!

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