What is the difference between Reima, Reimatec and Reimatec+ ?

Our selection contains products of different types and levels, designed with specific uses in mind. We have divided these into three different categories to make it easier for you to compare them and find the right product for the right situation.

Reima-level products are a reliable choice for everyday outdoor activities. Reima collection also offers base layer garments, innerwear and mid layers that let you adjust the thermal comfort of the whole outfit.

Reimatec outfits work whatever the weather – these products are breathable and waterproof, and all of the seams are taped.

Reimatec+ products are designed for active winter sports and they have top-notch technical features as well as plenty of sporty details.

You can check the product's tag or product card online for precise technical details. You can find more information about our product levels here.

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