Are Reimatec products completely waterproof?

Reimatec products are waterproof, but their waterproof structures are made in slightly different ways.

The Reimatec material itself is waterproof, as are the taped seams in Reimatec outfits. Reimatec clearly exceeds the classification for a waterproof material: In accordance with the standard on protective clothing, the limit for declaring rain-proof clothing to be waterproof is a water column of 1,300 mm, and experts say that 4,000 mm should be enough for sitting in puddles.
However, moisture can still get inside the clothes at the ankles, wrists and neck. Most zips are also not waterproof, so if there are protective flaps over the zips, they should be kept shut when it rains.
Reimatec gloves are available in winter and mid-season versions. They are waterproof too, thanks to the waterproof, breathable membrane between the outermost fabric and the lining.
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