Do your products contain chemicals that could be harmful to children?

Our products are always non-toxic, clean enough to chew, and made to improve kids’ safety in everyday life.

Safety has always been an integral part of our product development, design, and manufacturing processes. In 2019, we were awarded the EU Product Safety Award as a company that not only makes safe and non-toxic products, but also improves children’s safety through ranges of protective clothing.
Our products are designed to ensure the best mechanical and physical safety features. This means, for example, appropriate and safely designed cords and drawstrings, detachable hoods, and reflecting details.
Regarding chemical safety, we follow European Union and other relevant legislation on chemicals, but we have set even stricter limits for various substances. Our Restricted Substances List (RSL) specifies which chemical substances are banned or restricted in the product and material manufacturing process. It also defines the limits for chemical substances in the finished products.
To further improve the chemical safety and reduce the environmental impacts of textile manufacturing, we became a bluesign® system partner in 2020. All bluesign® partners must meet strict criteria for chemical management to protect the water, air, and soil, as well as the people working with textiles. As bluesign® acts as an independent verifier, the system ensures transparency and traceability of all textile processing steps, down to the raw materials.
Our clothing has been 100% PFC-free since 2017. To ensure water repellency and waterproofing, we use nominated, fluorine free treatments such as BIONIC FINISH® ECO and Teflon Ecoelite®.
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