How can I choose the right size of the Reima item?

You can find our size charts e for garments, footwear, hats and gloves here.

Kids will be comfortable and safe in correctly sized clothing. Tight clothes can prevent free playing and climbing, whereas clothes that are too long or loose may hinder movement or get caught. However, outerwear should be loose enough for mid layers and air for insulation – clothes that are too tight won't be warm.
We recommend fitting the clothes because there are differences between the styles: our collection contains relaxed fit clothes as well as slim fit ones. In addition, kids are all built differently.
  • Ask your kid to squat: the back of the overalls shouldn't become too tight – there should be enough space from neck to crotch.
  • Ask your kid to lift their arms up to the sides: the sleeves are long enough when the wrists remain covered.
  • Do the pants legs crease too much? Select a smaller size or shorten the overalls by adjusting the waist. The leg ends usually have foot loops or an adjustment that prevents the hem from getting under the foot.
  • If the garment length is correct but more space is needed around the stomach or shoulders, choose a looser cut or a larger size.
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