How do you make sure you work in a sustainable way?

Since 1944, we have focused on active kids’ needs and we are committed to continue. It has never been more important than today. Now we are dedicated to build a better childhood for your kids and their kids. Inspiring them to become active adults keeps all of us at Reima active too. Reima is all about joy of movement that lasts over time!

We create products that are a renewable source of inspiration. Their value proves itself in everyday life, lasting from one kid to another. High quality products with timeless designs exceed the expected wearability from season to season.

Our clothes are always easy care to save energy, water and detergent. We work to improve eco-friendliness within our design without compromising the functionality.

We are working to increase the use of recycled and organic natural fibers, and continue developing and researching the latest innovations and their suitability for your kids.

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